Besides diamonds, gold is probable the most desired asset in the world. Gold is fascinating humans since thousands of years symbolizing wealth and power. Here is a list of the three biggest gold nuggets that have ever been found.

Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget


Found 1858
Bakery Hill, Victoria, Australia
Weighs 68.98 kilogram

Welcome Gold Nugget


Found 1869
Moliagul, Victoria, Australia
Weighs 97.14 kilogram

Canaã Gold Nugget


Found 1983
Serra Pelada Mine, Brazil
Weighs 52.33 kilogram

Top 3 Biggest Gold Nuggets In The World

A gold nugget is a nugget of gold that has been extracted from ore and is worth a great amount of money. Gold is one of the most sought-after materials globally because it is very rare in nature. There are few deposits of gold left on Earth, but people still want to get their hands on the valuable material.

Nuggets are produced through dredging; this is the process whereby solid gold ore is separated from the Earth where it’s placed. However, the gold nuggets are not produced by nature or natural processes but are man-made. Gold nuggets are typically found in gold mines, and they can appear in different sizes depending on their origins. While some large gold nuggets would make any miner drool, smaller ones can still be worth a considerable amount of money.

So, who are the people to have ever found the biggest gold nuggets in history? In this article, we will be looking at the biggest three nuggets discovered. The ones that can make any ordinary person richer instantly.

  1. Welcome stranger
  2. Welcome, nugget
  3. Canaã nugget also known as the Pepita Canaa

These gold nuggets are rare and likely to be among the most valuable gold nuggets ever found. Just for fun: Use the gold calculator to calculate how much a nugget like that would be worth.

Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget

The welcome stranger is the name given to the largest gold nugget ever found. It was founded in 1869 in Australia by two men named John Deason and Richard Oates. When they first discovered the gold nugget, they could not have predicted that it would be worth millions of dollars. The nugget was found 3cm underground, which isn’t deep. Also, they were using a metal detector to look for gold, indicating just how close some of the gold was to the surface. The two men spent months using a drilling machine to extract the nugget but could not get it out because it was too large.

They consulted a third-party miner who came up with a plan: he would take out everything except for the welcome stranger and then blow up the mouth of the mine. Successfully, he was able to get his hands on one of the biggest gold nuggets in human history. It was founded near the base of a tree that was not destroyed during the extraction of the nugget.

Welcome Gold Nugget

The welcome nugget, also known as the Welcome stranger, is the second biggest gold nugget ever found. It was founded in 1858 by Red Hill Mining Company in Bakery Hill, Ballarat. It was found at the Welcome mine by a miner named James Hill.

It is made of pure gold and has been cut into smaller pieces to make it more easily transported and shared among investors. Most people, however, would not be able to cut it into smaller pieces because of its massive size.

It was melted in London and formed into bars. The welcome nugget was never melted down again and was instead offered to the Smithsonian Institution. A picture of him cutting the gold nugget with a hammer is one of the first photos taken in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Canaã Gold Nugget (Pepita Canaa)

The Canaã nugget is the third biggest gold nugget ever found in history. It was founded in 1979 by a Brazilian Genésio Ferreira da Silva, who intended to sell it to a jeweler. However, he found a piece and was eager to find out if the piece was part of a larger nugget. He hired a geologist to help him, and the geologist confirmed that it was indeed part of a bigger nugget.

The gold nugget was found in the Amazonas region of Brazil, in an area that had been previously unexplored by miners. It is made up of pure gold and weighs 60.8kg. The Pepita Canaa is also known as the Canaã nugget and can be found in Brazil. It is famous for its weight, equal to 10 troy ounces. It was deposited in a previously unexplored area, making it even more valuable.

Despite only being the 3rd biggest gold nugget ever found, the Canaã nugget is worth a great deal of money. It is made up of more than 70% pure gold. It is among the most sought-after gold nuggets globally, making it the 3rd biggest. It was called the most beautiful three nuggets on Earth. It is one of the rarest gold nuggets globally, which makes it even more valuable.

Museum Tip

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