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The Rand Refinery

The Rand Refinery is operating the biggest gold melting facility in the world. With more than100 years in history, the Rand Refinery is very well known and respected by industry members from all over the world.

Dental Gold

Is dental gold valuable? Yes, it is valuable and we tell you how to get an idea about the value and why it is important to take the old teeth back home when you visit your dentist.

Biggest Gold Nuggets

We thought it’s getting an exciting project to talk about the Top 3 Biggest Gold Nuggets – ever found. Most people probably don’t know that most of the biggest nuggets have been found in Australia and Brazil.

The Muruntau Mine

The Muruntau mine is the biggest open-pit mine in the world. The open-pit is one of the most massive mine operations that humans have ever created.