Decide if you want to calculate gold, silver, platinum or palladium


You can calculate 9k gold, 10k gold, 14k gold, 16k gold, 18k gold, 21k gold, 22k gold, 24k gold, 90% silver, sterling silver, 999 fine silver, 90% platinum, 95% platinum, 999 fine platinum, 90% palladium, 95% palladium, and 999 fine palladium.


Make sure you determined the correct weight using a scale. Use a digital scale to get a very accurate weighing result.

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Do not trust so called “gold experts” right around your corner. Local buyers are usually offering bad deals. They have to make money on one or two customers a day while a reliable online gold buyer can handle hundreds of transactions. More volume will allow them to operate on a smaller profit margin. 


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Do you want to calculate gold, silver, platinum or palladium?


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Select the fineness of the item being calculated. 


Enter Weight

Make sure you determined the correct weight.


Check The Result

Enter the determined weight and voilĂ  you know how much your item is worth.

Calculate AND SELL

You May Sell For That

The gold calculator result displayed includes a 10% profit margin for the gold buyer. A 5% profit on bullion and a 10% profit margin on jewelry or scrap items is fair and legit. You may sell for that pre-calculated price but make sure (1) you really get paid what was promised (2) you have the option to opt for a price guarantee. Also clarify if the buyer is deducting you something for shipping.

What’s important for a good selling experience?

Check for reviews, check for free shipping options, clarify if your items are insured, let the buyer explain shipping charges. 

Furthermore, check when and how the buyer will pay you. And most important: make sure they really pay you the promised price.