10k gold is a very important gold alloy in the US. The majority of class rings was made of 10k gold. In comparison to 14k gold or 18k gold, 10k is a more affordable gold alloy. You would think that it would not matter back in the day but with mot class rings being made of gold, 10k gold provided an affordable opportunity to get into a solid gold ring even for people being short on budget. 10k gold is NOT a gold alloy made for poor people. Do not think that. Navy rings, family crest rings or even masonic rings are often made of 10k gold although the owner could have afforded an 14k gold ring. The gold price is a factor when it comes to pick a gold alloy but it’s not everything about that.


14k gold is THE ultimate jewelry alloy. From engagement rings over wedding bands to earrings, 14k gold was used for pretty much everything. It was used for an inexpensive wedding band but also for diamond  rings worth tens of thousands of dollars. In comparison with 10k gold, 14k gold is purer and also better for people with allergies. Some people don’t like 10k gold because there is still a “low cost reputation” associated and they would rather buy a 14k gold piece. Over the last years, the situation changed a bit: gold got so extremely expensive that you will see more  10k gold pieces in your jewelers showcase. Nevertheless, 14k gold is still the number 1 pick when it comes to new jewelry but jewelry maker are trying to save money by reducing the weight of the items being produced.


WOW, This is 18k gold? You may have heard a friend asking you about that. 18k gold’s reputation to be a gold alloy for the finest jewelry may be right as 18k gold is generally really used for high end jewelry. BUT don’t get excited too quickly. Back in the day, when gold was WAY cheaper, 18k gold was also used for ordinary jewelry. For a pendant, for a chain or other items without special craftsmanship. It was just so affordable and people liked it and still like it very much. Yes, designer brands like Cartier, Tiffany, David Yurman and others are also using 18k gold but there is a different approach to find the value of such pieces rather than just being priced on the gold value. Use our gold calculator to compare the value of 18k gold with 10k gold or 14k gold. You’ll be amazed how much more 18k gold is worth.